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The port is located in the town of El Ouatia and its main function is to serve the fishing community. All offshore fishing, coastal fishing, and local market fishing is possible thanks to a fleet of over 650 vessels and over 12,400 seamen.
The port of Tan-Tan is located 28° 30' North and 11° 21' West. It faces SW and is bounded to the north by a narrow beach and to the south by a cliff extending over several kilometers.
It is sheltered by a seawall exceeding 3000 m in length and is a tidal port where the maneuvers of merchant ships are only carried out by day between the time when the tide rises and the tide ebbs. The port mostly handles oil tankers for oil import.


Location : 28°30’N – 11°21’O

Main Function : Fishing

Road access : National RD 1 linking Agadir to Laâyoune, 25 km south of Tan Tan and 330 km south of Agadir

Port Construction History

The port of Tan Tan was built in 3 major phases.
Phase 1 :

The first phase of works was carried out between 1977 and 1980. It was built to address various needs: coastal fishing, deep-sea fishing, coastal navigation and fishing boats repair. Construction costs of this first phase totaled MAD 350 million.
The port was equipped with:
◊ A 350 LM (Linear Meter) long dock at  6 meters deep;
◊ A 300 LM long dock at 4 meters deep;

Phase 2
The influx of fishermen to the port prompted the Ministry of Infrastructure in conjunction with the Ministry of Fisheries and the merchant navy to plan for the works of the first port extension. This extension was carried out between 1987 and 1988 at a cost of $ 150 million Dirhams. This phase consisted of:

  • ◊ Removal of the portion facing South of the counter dike to increase the width of the inside channel
  • ◊ Extension of the main breakwater by 225 LM;
  • ◊ Underwater earthwork of a portion of the fairway and of the basin by 1.5 meters to reach the mark of -8 meters BCD.
  • ◊ Construction of a 150 LM long dock at 8 meters deep.

Phase 3 :
The third phase of the works was undertaken between 1996 and 1999 at a cost of 200 million dirhams.

  • ◊ Construction of a groyne to prevent sand sedimentation with a length of 700 linear meter ;
  • ◊ Construction of a 350 LM long tenon ;
  • ◊ Construction of a 422 LM long dock at 6.5 meters deep​ ;
  • ◊ Construction of a dock for gantry strap elevator.

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