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The port of Mohammedia is located on the Atlantic coast at 7° 24' west longitude and 33° 43' north latitude, 23 km from the port of Casablanca. Located in the southern part of the Bay of Mohammedia, it is naturally protected from the swells.

The port of Mohammedia is located near Morocco's main economic hub. It is a deep-water port free of silting issues (deep draught for the oil terminal at 17 meters deep, draught of the inland port at 6.70 meters deep.)

The port facilities comply with all major safety standards and safety regulations (ISPS and other regulations: SOLAS, MARPOL etc.)


  • ◊ Location : 33°43’N-7°24’O;
  • ◊ Function : oil port;
  • ◊ Road access : Casablanca - Rabat Highway, National Route 1 linking Casablanca to Rabat;
  • ◊ Rail connection : on the Casablanca - Rabat railway.


The Fedala Company built the port of Mohammedia in 1913. It was originally a fishing port before being transformed into an oil port with the arrival of the Samir Company in Mohammedia in 1961.

In 1978, the port facilities were reduced to 290 LM (Linear Meter) of docks capable of accommodating ships of 6000 T with a pipeline of 53 000 LM. At the time, oil was discharged at sea using three submarine pipelines.

  • ◊ The first one was built in 1952 for oil tankers of 40 000 to 50 000 T at 18 meters deep;
  • ◊ The second one was built in 1971 for oil tankers of 60 000 to 100 000 T at 22 meters deep;
  • ◊ The last one built in 1979 for oil tankers of 100 000 T at 25 meters deep​;

The port expansion followed that of the Samir Company from 1980 to 1984. The oil terminal was completed in 1987 as were the A and B stations (22 ha of storage area) and the 450 m long access pier to the terminal.


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