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The port of M'diq is located at 5°18'5'' west longitude and 35°40'45'' north latitude, 25 km from Ceuta and 13 km from the city of Tetouan. It is a driving force of the city's economic and social activity. It is a port whose main activities are fishing and boating. In 2009, the port of M'diq expanded significantly with the construction of the new marina. Following the development of this new port, a redevelopment operation of the fishing port was completed in 2012.

Background History

The construction of the port of M'diq began in 1961 but was swept away by a storm from the East in January 1963 when the breakwater was being built.

The port started accommodating vessels in 1966. Trade and transportation of materials began to develop later (cement for Al Hoceima, Nador and Melilla, fruits and vegetables for Gibraltar, Manganese from Beni M'zala for Barcelona).


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