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The fishing port of Larache is located on the North Atlantic coast of Morocco, 90 km south of Tangier. It is located on the left bank of the Loukous River, about 750 m from its mouth and leads directly to the road linking Rabat to Tangier. With 45 ha of storage area, 20 ha of basins and 1138 linear meters of docks, it is the second largest fishing port in the region. It plays a very important role in the economic development of the province and significantly contributes to the development of the national economy.


In 1912, the German government built a camber on the left bank of the Loukous River, which served as the commercial port and naval base. In 1924, the dock was converted into a 180 LM ( Linear Meter ) long fishing pier at 4.50 meters deep​ and 240 LM of sheet pile piers to meet the needs of the region. Since then, the port of Larache has become one of the largest fishing ports in Morocco.


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