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The port of Al Hoceima is located on the Mediterranean coast about 150 km west of Nador. It is located at the western end of the bay of Al-Hoceima and is the only outlet on the Mediterranean in the North Central Region. It is located in a landlocked area, behind the Rif mountain chain with a highly rugged topography. Before 2003, the main activities were fishing and boating. With the commissioning of the ferry terminal in July 2003, passenger traffic has become the main lever for commercial traffic development.

Characteristics :

Location : 35°40’N-3°55’,44’’O

Function : trade and fishing

Road Access :

  • ◊ National road RN2 linking Nador to Tetouan;
  • ◊ Mediterranean bypass


The creation of a port was decided in 1928. A mooring pier from the north coast of the bay and facing the Southeast was built in 1929 to shelter the anchorage area. The platform located along the cliffs of the northern part of the loop was completed in 1930.

The port was officially opened to trade in 1931. The weekly mail cargo from Ceuta to Melilla used to make a stopover in Al Hoceima (Villa Sanjurjo) as did the steamboats of the Compagnie Paquet, the Bland Line (British) and Oldenburg Linie (German). Port construction was completed in 1947. From 1956, coastal transport of fuel (8,000 tonnes per year) and cement from Tetouan (30 000 tonnes per year) became the main products landed. The fishing pier was built in 1968 and the fish market the next year. The port is now mainly devoted to fishing.

The main jetty was extended by 550 Linear Meter​ at an estimated cost of 50 million dirhams.


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