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The port of Cala Iris is located 57 km west of the city of Al-Hoceima and 3 km west of Torres Al Kalaa. The site is known for its idyllic beach, islands, and its small fishing port. Cala Iris is on the border of the western Rif and Eastern Rif, and it is wedged between hills and cliffs covered with dense cedar forests. Cala Iris is located on the western boundary of the National Park of Al Hoceima, whose dominant features are an undeveloped rocky coastline featuring protected coves and cliffs and inhabited by fishermen.

Geographical Position

Latitude: 35 ° 9'N

Longitude: 4 ° 22.2 '


Cala Iris is a Spanish name meaning Iris Island. The village is known for its small fishing port (Yellich) built thanks to a Japanese grant in 1998 as part of the Moroccan-Japanese cooperation.


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