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Port of El Jadida is a fishing port located 100 km southwest of Casablanca and 170 km northeast of Safi.

A landing deck and the following facilities were built between 2008 and 2011 :

  • ◊ 198 storerooms for local market fishermen;
  • ◊ 39 storerooms for coastal fishermen;
  • ◊ An ice-making unit;
  • ◊ An indoor fish market and 12 stores for wholesalers;
  • ◊ 7 administration buildings;
  • ◊ a co-op and an office dedicated to trainings;
  • ◊ a daycare centre;
  • ◊ a Harbormaster’s office;
  • ◊ a wreck yard.


Location : 33°15’N-8°29’O;

Function : Fishing


The Portuguese had begun to use it in the15th century. The construction of port facilities began in 1924. By 1929, the port could accommodate 541 ships, making it the second largest port in Morocco. Extension works were carried out in 1949 and in 1990, its operation was entrusted to ODEP.


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