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The Oued Ed-Dahab peninsula extends over a length of 45 km and has an average width of 4 km in the Southwest direction, running parallel to the continent coastline.

Oued Ed-Dahab Bay is protected between the mainland and the peninsula on a length of 25 miles, oriented NE-SW and opening between Punta de Lasarga at the southeast end of the peninsula RIO de ORO and Punta del Pescador which is located in the South. The bay features a nearly uniform width of 7 miles and its main channel is about 20 km long, 1.2 km wide with a depth varying between 8 and 22 meters. It is surrounded by three sandbanks located either side of the main channel.

The Dakhla region has strong halieutic potential featuring a port complex consisting of two ports located in Oued Eddahab Bay, which is composed of a military port, and the new port island commissioned in 2001 to handle the 330,000 tonnes/year of commercial activity. Its activities are oriented towards a specialization in pelagic fishing (about 170,000 tonnes/year).

The land-based section of the new port of Dakhla features an industrial area of 270 ha, including about 60 ha which are equipped for various activities such as food processing, warehouses, administration office, and a 13 ha area located in the free export zone.

Features of the new port

  • ◊ Location : 23°40’N-15°55’O
  • ◊ Function : Trade and fishing
  • ◊ Road access : National road RD 1 between Laâyoune and Lagouira
  • ◊ Air access : the Dakhla airport is located about 5 km from the port
  • ◊ An area dedicated to fish products processing industries;
  • ◊ An area dedicated to spare parts;
  • ◊ An area dedicated to related activities (small industries);
  • ◊ An administrative zone;
  • ◊ Petroleum products warehouses, large warehouse (high-risk activities).

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