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The largest port in Morocco, the port of Casablanca is a versatile port with a strong emphasis on commercial trade. The port spans over 450 ha, including 256 ha of platforms and features more than 8 km of quays. It can accommodate up to 40 ships at a time and features a commercial port, a fishing port, a marina, as well as facilities and infrastructure for launching and docking ships in shipyards.

It is located in the center of the Moroccan Atlantic coast at the end of an almost unsheltered roadstead, between the rocky headlands of El Hank to the west and Oukacha to the east. The port is connected to the east at Boulevard Ben Aicha and to the West at Boulevards des Almohades and des FAR; Both of these large streets serve the five gateways to the commercial port.

It is equipped with a 17 km long rail network operated by the ONCF, which travels along the fence of the port from Gate #1 of the train station, past the pier where the phosphates jetty extends into the marshalling zone.


  • ◊ Location : 33°36’N-7°37’O;
  • ◊ Vocation : Commerce, fishing, boating and ship repair;
  • ◊ Draught : 7 meters deep​ to 14m.


The first protected basin of a dozen hectares was built in 1906. In 1913, another 100 ha basin was built. Protected by a main jetty parallel to the coast and a transverse jetty, the present day piers and berths were built little by little as needed within this basin. With the constant increase in traffic, construction inside this basin has continued without interruption to this day.

Key Dates :

  • ◊ Late 18th century : while a barges port, Casablanca was already used for cereal export;
  • ◊ Early 19th century : the port was opened to international trade - at the time, the city of Casablanca had fewer than 1,000 inhabitants;
  • ◊ Late 19th Century : Casablanca became the first port in the Moroccan kingdom, followed by Tangier and Mogador (Essaouira)
  • ◊ 1932 : Commissioning of the commercial pier;
  • ◊ In 1972 and 1996, Commissioning of the "Tarik" and "Est" container terminals.

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