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04/07/2019 The port of LAAYOUNE equipped with a new strap lift

The port of Laayoune has just been equipped with a new generation strap lift with a capacity of 250 tons for an amount of 8 million Dirhams as part of the strategy of the National Ports Agency aimed at promoting and encouraging private investment in the port sector, in particular the development of port infrastructure.

This investment concluded by the company "ATELIER NAVAL DU SUD" as part of a concession agreement for the development, equipment and operation of the Laayoune shipyard, is also part of the "Master Plan for the development of port infrastructure dedicated to the shipbuilding industry by 2030" announced in 2016 by the Ministry of Equipment, Transport and Logistics, particularly the axis linked to the upgrading of existing infrastructure.

Admittedly, the opening of the Laayoune shipyard to operation next month confirms the ANP's firm intention to provide the ports of the southern region with a naval infrastructure that meets world standards, making it possible to meet the internal demand requested by fishing shipowners and to increase the number of jobs in the ship repair industry (carpentry, welding, painting, electricity, mechanics, etc.) at regional level.


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