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14/11/2016 Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection and ANP (National Ports Agency) join forces

Committed to a CSR policy working for the wider society and the environment, ANP pursues its will to protect nature. The agency’s sustainable development approach works hard to combine economic development requirements, societal obligations and the need to protect the environment.

As a result of its CSR vision, ANP has signed a partnership with the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection. The agreement covers a number of environmental projects and programs initiated and steered by the Foundation. These include the “Clean Beaches” program, the “Voluntary Carbon Compensation” program as well as the creation of an “Environmental Education Center.”

“Clean Beaches” Program

ANP will be in charge of disseminating information, raising awareness and protecting the environment for the beaches located around Essaouira, Baddouza (in the Safi region) and Sidi-Ifni. It will also be involved in beach development with a specific focus on hygiene, safety and water quality monitoring for swimmers. It is important to remember that the beaches of Essaouira and Baddouza were granted the “Blue Pavilion” status in 2016. It was the twelfth consecutive year for Essaouira and the third year for Baddouza.

“Voluntary Carbon Exchange” program

This program led by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection involves greenhouse gas reduction projects, in particular those targeting C02 in marginalized areas such as the rural world, vulnerable to climate change.

In keeping with this, every year, ANP contributes financially to the planting of palm trees and other tree species for carbon sequestration. The agency also helps purchase and install solar energy equipment in rural areas, coordinates awareness campaigns and passes on information on themes like greenhouse gas effect, climate change and their impact on sustainable development.

Environmental Education Center

ANP has provided financial support for the construction of a center at Bouknadel on behalf of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection.

In 2014, as part of the biennial “Lalla Hasnaa Trophy for Coastal Development,” ANP won the very first edition of the “CORPORATE, SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY” trophy.​


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