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05/11/2016 The National Ports Agency takes an active part in COP22

ANP (National Ports Agency) is taking an active part in COP22, which is to be hosted in Marrakesh from 7th to 18th November. COP22 follows on from COP21 where the Paris Accord was adopted aiming to limit the global increase in temperature to “well below 2°C,” compared with the pre-industrial period (1880–1899). To achieve this, member States fixed the objective of reducing their CO2 emissions by 50% by 2050 and 100% by 2100. Morocco, however, has made the ambitious commitment of reducing green house gas emissions by 32% by 2030, as part of its NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution).

COP 22, however, has quickly established itself as the COP of action, action that will work on developing concrete steps based on the axis mentioned in the Paris Accord. This is particularly the case for those areas that deal with adaptation, transparency, transferring technology, mitigation and strengthening skills.

ANP will be physically present at a stand integrated into that of the Ministry for Equipment, Transport and Logistics. The Agency to highlight will have the opportunity to work to promote environmental protection, in particular on 11 November, the day that has been set aside for transport and innovation in the Morocco Pavilion.

Aware of its federating role, ANP works to make ports a tool for development that is fully integrated into their environment. The agency has recognized the importance of being socially responsible and has committed itself to defining and implementing a structured CSR plan. In this way it has undertaken a long-term policy that fairly considers economic, environmental, social and societal issues through objectives relating to environmental protection (waste management, mastering liquid trash...), the mobilization of partners, and the mastering of environmental and social impacts connected to large-scale works. Finally, the policy looks at the development of human resources, the foundation for success of any such a process.


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