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The ANP port equipment simulator is a highly sophisticated equipment that offers a very realistic training environment; it allows trainees to operate in realistic conditions at controlled costs and in optimal safety conditions.

Able to accurately reproduce the behaviour of different types of equipment used in the handling of containers, general cargo and bulk ore, the NPA simulator is equipped with a 3D image generation system and a driver's cab with real pilot controls; it allows six different types of port equipment to be simulated in a realistic physical, visual and sound environment: container gantries, configurable trolleys for 3 levels or 4 stacking levels with side or front cab, RTG (Tire Gantry Cranes) with a maximum center distance of 7 and a height of 6 levels, rail cranes boom darts, wheel cranes and ore gantry cranes.

On the pedagogical level, it has a Learning Management System that makes it possible to create appropriate training scenarios and to monitor and evaluate the progress of trainees. A debriefing room equipped with a video projector allows trainees to follow in real time the exercises performed by their colleague, in the presence of a second instructor who provides group training in parallel.

This equipment has just been installed in a new building consisting of a hangar housing the simulator, an observation and debriefing room, a large room to house other smaller simulators, as well as a meeting room and offices.

Simulator-based training has developed rapidly in recent years, for reasons of cost, efficiency and safety. It also has the advantage of reducing training times and providing trainees with real working conditions using virtual means. Thanks to this sophisticated equipment, the ANP is in a position to offer quality initial and continuing training at competitive prices, in a controlled and secure educational environment.​

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