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One of the fundamental contributions of Law 15-20 at the institutional level is the creation of a Port Authority that supports the regulation of the national port landscape as well as its activities and stakeholders : This multifaceted mission guarantees the coherence of the entire port system with all components included and is expected to expand as a result of port diversification and the complexity of interactions between various areas and stakeholders.

The regulation of the port sector is at the heart of the tasks entrusted to the National Ports Agency by Law 15-02. In its capacity as Regulatory Authority, it ensures compliance with this law, from the good functioning of the sector and works to creating conditions conducive to the competitiveness of the port sector to the benefit of Moroccan foreign trade.

Port regulation is both strategic and operational. Its strategic aspect consists of identifying patterns of port work concessions, to optimizing the number of stakeholders and adapting supply to port demand. Its operational arm deals with monitoring commitments made by port stakeholders.

Through effective regulation and ensuring transparency in market practices, the National Ports Agency shall preserve and develop conditions favorable to the competitiveness of the port sector through several mechanisms, including :

  • ◊ Systematizing specifications for carrying out port activities ;
  • ◊ Developing frameworks for the performance of port operations by distinguishing port activities subject to concession, those subject to authorization, and those relating to occupations and the management of the public ports domain ;
  • ◊ Establishing procedures ;
  • ◊ Compliance with the status of port operators in regards to the provisions of Law 15-02 ;
  • ◊ Introducing competition into commercial port activities ;
  • ◊ Fixing tariff ceilings allowed in ports for all services, especially those related to port transit ;
  • ◊ Monitoring the conditions of fair competition and preventing anti-competitive practices ;
  • ◊ Systematizing competitive calls for tender for awarding concessions and/or authorizations.

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