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The Port Authority’s mission is carried out by the National Port Agency under section 33 of Law 15-02, through the administrative structures in each port but especially through the Harbor Master Houses which are the heart of the system.

Port Authority’s mission includes :

  • ◊ Ensuring port management and proper procedure of the port police;
  • ◊ Monitoring compliance with safety and operating rules under current laws and legislation;
  • ◊ Optimizing the use of the port facility to improve port competitiveness and simplify procedures and modes of organization and running;
The Harbor Master House monitors compliance with national (Port police, etc.) and international (international conventions such as SOLAS, MARPOL, Code IMG, Code ISPS, etc.) regulations and the port’s running conditions such as :
  • ◊ Navigation and approaches in the port as well as the regulation of port maritime cargo;
  • ◊ The planning, programming, and monitoring of ships’ calls;
  • ◊ Police work in the fields of handling, parking, and transport of dangerous goods; beaconing police
  • ◊ The coordination of ship and port facility security in compliance with ISPS code provisions;
  • ◊ Environmental protection and the preservation of the public domain, works, infrastructures, superstructures, and port facilities;
  • ◊ The optimization of port running and use of infrastructures, superstructures, and port equipment;
  • ◊ The safety of structures, equipment, merchandise, and persons in the port.

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