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As a socially responsible agency, ANP is aware of the ecological issues and the impacts the port community has on the environment. Thus, it pursues a policy oriented towards sustainable development and a commitment to ongoing progress in pollution prevention.

Solidarity and social development

Protecting diversity, respecting neighborhood and their facilities, managing pollutant wastes, and even analyzing the impact of port activities on air, water, soil, and underwater flora and fauna are major components of this policy. Through various actions, ANP is committed to a policy of solidarity and social development, aiming for environmental protection and preservation especially through strengthening its partnership with the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection.

ANP signed the “Voluntary Carbon Standard” convention aimed towards reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions generated by the commutes of all ANP employees while traveling for work functions.

Through its partnership with the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection (FM6E), ANP contributes funding to several projects within Morocco, especially in rural areas such as:

  • ◊ Acquiring and installing solar energy photovoltaic equipment in rural schools for lighting and operating electrical appliances and water pumping;
  • ◊ Organizing awareness-raising activities and information, including the development of technical and educational guides on topics related to the greenhouse effect, climate change, and their impacts on sustainable development.

Operation « Clean beaches »

By sponsoring the beaches of Essaouira, Beddouza (Safi) and Sidi-Ifni, ANP is an active participant in the “Clean beaches” program through an agreement between ANP, Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, and the communities of the aforementioned beaches.

  • ◊ Environmental information, awareness, and education;
  • ◊ Water quality;
  • ◊ Health and safety;
  • ◊ Beach developing and management

Essaouira was awarded the “Blue Flag” label for summer 2011, making it their seventh consecutive year with the label. This recognition rewards the agency’s efforts to be seen as a socially responsible company, as it was given the Innovation award at Princess Lalla Hasna’s “Clean Beaches” Trophy Award Ceremony.

Fight against pollution

Moroccan ports accommodate various kinds of activities. In order to preserve the port environment and nearby beaches as well as fight against all pollution that may effect the health and comfort of citizens, ANP launched a “Study of Water and Sediment Quality” in 27 ports. This study will be conducted by sampling water and sediments in 158 stations spread out over 27 ports.

Objectives :

  • ◊ Evaluate the physicochemical and bacteriological quality of water and sediments by sampling specimens taken from various concerned ports and establishing a baseline;
  • ◊ Analyze their spatial and temporal evolution;
  • ◊ Produce national and regional pamphlets on the water quality of ports according to the results obtained.

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