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The National Ports Agency exercises its legal responsibilities on all of Morocco’s ports with an exception made for the special zone of Tanger Med (TMSA) (33 ports). It operates according to a decentralized organization mode and responds to the constraints of proximity to decision-making centers and ensures regional autonomy in regards to the optimized means and resources in each region.

General Management relies on seven regional supervisors, each overseeing a set of ports.

ANP Directorates  

Abdellatif FAIDI

Phone : +212 (0)5 20 121353

Email : FAIDIAB@anp.org.ma

Markets and Procurement Division

Abdelaziz EL KADIRI

Phone : +212 (0)5 20 121336

Email : ELKADIRI@anp.org.ma

Logistics and General Services Division

Abdelhak HADDOU

Phone : +212 (0)5 20 121346

Email : HADDOU@anp.org.ma