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The Agency is governed by a Board of Directors bearing all the powers necessary to fulfill its mission and is managed by an Executive Director General who holds all the powers necessary for this purpose.

The Board of Directors :

  • ◊ Defines the policy guidelines of the Agency and establishes the budget and terms for financing its activities;
  • ◊ Determines charges, fees and port tariffs;
  • ◊ Grants concession agreements for the port's management and operations;
  • ◊ Discusses operating regulations and management plans of the ports prior to their approval.

The Board meets at least twice a year and publishes the financial statements for the year, the provisional program, and the budget for the following year.

Chaired by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Board of Directors consists of :

  • ◊ Representatives of the administration;
  • ◊ Representatives of professional associations;
  • ◊ Staff Representatives;
  • ◊ Four appointees for a three-year term, renewable once.

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