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Several years ago, Morocco has been committed to a modern and competitive approach. Nationally, major programs and sector specific strategies have been implemented in support of these ambitions. PORTNET is an information system serving the port community for increased competitiveness in the Moroccan port sector.

Launched in 2009, the « Maroc Numeric 2013 » strategy aims to put Morocco at the forefront of emerging countries in the use of Information Technology and Communication (ITC). The « e-gov » axis of this strategy aims to bring together the constituents, citizens, and administrations in a paperless relationship combining efficiency and transparency.

A genuine community of actors, commercial ports are dedicated to the transit of goods and passengers, and the PORTNET information system connects these different actors, such as ANP, Shipping Agents, Customs Administration, Inspection bodies, private operators, banks, insurance brokers, and freight forwarders, etc.

The various IT systems of both these public and private partners are now interconnected through PORTNET, enabling the optimized operational management of the flow of goods and corresponding tasks.

Main project objectives :

  • ◊ Reducing formalities by simplifying and automating international trade procedures ;
  • ◊ Optimizing ships’ lengths of stay and transit time of goods ;
  • ◊ Reducing logistics costs by optimally scheduling port calls ;
  • ◊ Securing port transit through a better understanding of information on goods in transit.

Main technical features :

  • ◊ A Single Window enabling the registrant to handle their embarkation and disembarkation formalities on the website http://www.portnet.ma 24h/24 and 7d/7 ;
  • ◊ Integrating partners’ information systems and synchronizing flow by normalizing trade (EDIFACT). This integration enables each actor to have the information needed to anticipate the paperwork for the transport of goods, programming port calls, and allocating handling resources ;
  • ◊ Sharing port community data amongst all partners and enabling each actor to access real-time information on port activity for monitoring stops, ships, and goods.

Project status at the end of 2012

Phase 1 :

Phase 2 :


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